Meet the team

Dancefit South Africa specialises in a variety of classes in Belly Dance, Contemporary and DanceFit, to all ages, all fitness levels, from beginners, right through to Advanced. We also hosts a DanceFit open class twice a week, for those who dont like to go to the gym. These classes are exactly as the name implies, you dance yourself fit. It includes stretching, cardio and toning, so we reach everyones needs.

Personal classes are  available for one on one classes or specialized classes – If you are interested in these, please contact us for more information.

Dancefit #IDance also has performers for event entertainment. We do any events (with in the terms and conditions) from children’s parties to bachelors/ bachelorettes and even weddings.

Dancefit #IDance currently has 5 instructor’s (Including Our founder Tashy Lewies) Please see below to meet the MissFits!

Tashy and the MissFits

Tashy Lewies

I’m Tashy Lewies. Owner of Dancefit #IDance.
I’ve studied different styles of dance for possibly a million years and just love every part of it. Dance is my life… Literally, I was born for this!!!

The freedom to move your body to the sound of music with no boundaries is my want for Dancefit #IDance.
I’ve worked hard collaborating all I’ve learnt into easy to follow routines that help tone and lose weight as well as learn the art of dance and have a blast doing so. The routines are a combination of Contemporary, Ballet, Latin, Modern, Disco, Hip Hop and Belly Dancing.

I’d love to share my passion with as many people as possible.

And remember! If you dance with your heart your feet will follow.

Vicki-Jayne Els

I have been dancing with Tashy since the beginning of the Dancefit classes
(2012/2013? Cant remember the exact year) Dancing is a happy place! It gives you the ability to express yourself freely!

I’m an introverted extrovert. I love to sit down with a good book or movie but equally love to be around friends and family! Dancing gives me this opportunity.

Dancefit #IDance is so unique because it allows any creed of person in without discrimination.

We are human and we mess up and it can be insanely funny when we do (you’ll usually see one of us do it atleast once a class) the routines are all thought up by our founder and lead-crazy, Tash which means they have been formulated and thought out to ensure their effectiveness!

Jenna Thoms

I have been dancing with Tash for about 5 years.
I enjoy every single class we do, as each one is different and extremely enjoyable.

Dancefit gets the heart rate up and the whole body moving while having fun.
It becomes addictive and you just dont want to miss a single class.

Dancefit #IDance is a great group of people that all want to be fit and healthy.

Stefani Pascoe

I have been dancing with Tash since 2013.
I love the atmosphere, vibe and the feeling it gives you during and after dancing…
I love new challenges, quite competitive with myself and really enjoy anything
to do with fitness…

Tash makes every session fun with dance routines that are easy enough for
anyone to do but still very effective