Ultimate Scuplt is designed for you!

Ultimate Scuplt is designed for all women who want to get to their ultimate body goal but are struck hard by time constraints, little humans and just in general, life.

This program is a 5 day program designed for you to start when and where you feel fit! Want to follow the program in the gym? Go for it!
Want to follow it in the comfort of you own home? Well I say, DO IT!

It is structured to use your own body weight however, if you’re looking for a bit more “oomf” to your workout, we highly suggest adding a light weight (no more than 2 kgs) and a material Resistance Band.

What you get:

  • x5 day Workout Plan
  • x5 day Instructional Videos
  • Life Time Access 
  • Once off payment
  • Dancefit Ultimate Sculpt Playlist